Commercial Property Finance in UAE:

  • 12 February , 2024
  • Finpro

Commercial Property Finance in UAE allows your business to get finance against your Freehold / Leasehold commercial properties or Purchase new Properties such as Warehouse, Office/Office Buildings, Shops, Plants and Machineries & All Other Industrial properties.

If it is a leasehold property, Remaining Lease period should be at least or above 7 years. 

Commercial Property Finance also allows you to pledge the existing property that you own to meet out your cash flow requirements. 

Example: Let’s say you own a factory and you want to expand the size of your factory by constructing a new unit to that. But this can be accomplished by pledging your existing factory to meet up the cost involved in constructing the new unit.

If your existing commercial property brings you rental income, this rental income can be assigned for the repayment of your commercial property loan.

These finance options are available only for the business owners and their businesses registered in UAE.

Some of the key features mentioned below

  • Loan tenor period up to 25 years
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Up to 80% LTV (Loan to Value) for purchase or refinance of the property.

Sometimes finding the better bank for better rates and quick process is confusing. But when you approach through the experienced consultants, unnecessary approval rejection and delays can be avoided.

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